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We offer various types of warehouse services for you. These can range from general storage & distribution to port container collections on drop-offs. Find out more below and enquire with us today.

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General Storage & Distribution

We have 40,000 square feet of warehouse storage in our secure site in Luton, 10 mins from Luton Airport. We are well placed to access London as well as International ports.

Our building is protected by a comprehensive security system linked to the police and fire services. The facilities have full 24-hour site area monitoring via external and internal closed-circuit TV and video recording.

The office building, account management, data processing, and production areas are only accessible by staff in possession of their security badge kept on a lanyard. So if you are interested in this service, be sure to get in touch with us today.

Picking & Packing

In addition to storing imported goods, our team also provides prompt and professional picking and packing services for any order size to be shipped to your desired location.

Regardless of the shape, size, quantity, or weight of the order our warehouse management system and skilled personnel ensure that all goods are picked, packed, and transported on time.

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Container Loading & Unloading

We provide simple, fast, and professional container loading & unloading services. Manually unloading loose boxes from within a shipping container can be time-consuming, but our experienced and knowledgeable personnel can assist with the rapid and secure unloading of containers.

We will check off the quantity unloaded against the shipping list to ensure all your boxes are present and in good order. Our experience and knowledge are at your disposal, and we are masters in all aspects of loading and unloading containers.

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Port Container Collections on Drop Offs

Container haulage is a highly specialised sector of the logistics industry, and the team at GFS can be relied upon to ensure that all port containers are synchronised with shipping schedules. Choose GFS for reliable port container collections and hauling.

Whether you are shipping a single container, hundreds or a regular flow of containers as part of a cross-border supply chain, our professional and experienced team can provide all the expert advice you need to ensure you are using the most cost-effective and efficient options

Our project management team will work with you to identify any challenges that you may face and provide solutions to those challenges. As well as providing a detailed plan, our project managers will keep you up to date with reports on the progress of your shipment.

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