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What is picking & packing?

Are you in the business of selling commercial products but lack the resources to package your final product in a way that will appeal to customers? Contract packing, or co-packing, allows you to employ the services of a company that will process, assemble, package, and label your final packages for distribution. Using a co-packing service like ours frees up valuable resources while ensuring a high-level of quality. It is a popular service for many producers of commercial goods.

This is our guide to co-packaging as well as some of the benefits that using our services offer.

How does co-packing work?

The process varies depending on types of product, but the overall goal is to produce a final packaged item that is ready for distribution. For fragile or consumable food products, certain considerations are taken to ensure their longevity in transit. Other commercial products such as electronics may involve assembling various components, using different packaging such as thermoformed clamshells or blister packaging for protection, and applying effective packaging that fully informs suppliers and customers of the exact contents.

No matter the product, our picking & packing service allows you to respond to consumer needs without having to expend extra time and resources that can be better used elsewhere.

If you are already using an external warehouse then this is even more beneficial. Some of our clients use our warehouse facilities and then we are able to handle everything from storage, packing, live stock feeds, customs and clearance and distribution.

The benefits of picking & packing

Here are some of the reasons why co-packing can be beneficial for your business:

• Trying to package your product can cost a lot of money, and premium packaging can cost a lot. Because co-packing companies have the staff and resources in place to create high-quality packaging, this will save you on overall management and production costs.

• We have resources that can create high-quality packaging quickly and efficiently, you can save a lot of time by employing such services. Packaging companies and the like, specialise in certain tasks that other companies may lack, so it is best to choose one that has the technology and skills to fulfil your needs.

• Even if you are a small producer and are able to effectively manage your packing in-house, the time may come when you experience a spike in demand for your products. To cope with this extra pressure, having an agreement with a company like ours, in place will help you meet this extra demand until the market returns to normal.

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