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At Graysons, we offer multiple ways of freight forwarding so you can get your items across to other places using whatever method is best for you. Air freight & sea freight are just some of the ways we can ship your package, find out more below and enquire with us today.

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Sea Freight Shipments

At Graysons Freight Services, we understand the need for a reliable partner to provide dependable and cost effect ocean freight services, as a UK leading independent freight forwarder we understand the need for flexible and cost-effective solutions, our team are proactive and forward thinking and can provide you with the service you come to expect, should that be movements of FCL containers or our worldwide groupage LCL services we have it covered.


The full form of FCL is ‘Full Container Load’, it is a container that is for the use of a single consignee. In international shipping, an FCL means a single container that is booked by the shipper exclusively for the transportation of their cargo only. The shipper doesn’t have to share the container with cargo booked by other shippers. This enhances security and simplifies ocean freight logistics management.


Whereas, LCL which is Less than Container Load is handy when the exporter doesn’t have to book an entire container because the size of the cargo doesn’t demand that much space. Smaller shipments that need to be sent economically and are less time-sensitive are sent on an LCL container.

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Air Freight

If you’re looking for flexible, fast, and reliable air freight forwarding companies, Graysons Freight Services is just that. Contact us, and we’ll help you come up with a perfect solution for your requirements for supply and distribution. We offer supplier management and vendor services for your cargo. Thanks to our strict operating procedures, we can guarantee that all your expectations are met.

Air freight forwarding often involve the use of commercial or passenger planes. If you’re moving lighter cargo, these planes are often your best option.

You can also request air cargo shipping from us. UK clients that have heavier shipments receive the benefit of aircraft without passengers. If your business requires international transportation, you’ll need the services of an experienced air freight company. UK and Europe-based clients of Graysons Freight Services Limited rely on air freight forwarding services for safe and accurate shipping.

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Third Country Shipping

The general understanding of exports is that goods and services are produced in one country and sold to buyers in another. However, with the exploration of trade, different types of transactions have become possible. One such international transaction is “Third Country Exports”, which means exports made by an exporter in one country and arranging supply from a third country to the importer (Buyer) in some other country.

For example, an Indian business entity, after getting an export order from the USA, sources the goods from China and asks a Chinese supplier to make shipment directly to the USA. In this case, the goods are not entering India but directly transported to USA.

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Break Bulk Cargo

Breakbulk ocean shipping is a common method used to successfully transport cargo or goods that cannot fit in standard-size shipping containers or cargo bins. Instead, cargo is transported in bags, boxes, crates, drums, barrels, other handling equipment, or is simply rolled, lifted, or pushed onto a ship or barge.

Examples of common breakbulk goods include reels and rolls, steel girders, structural steel, heavy or oversized goods, manufacturing equipment, construction equipment and vehicles. Though the containerization method is one of the more popular shipping methods, breakbulk is noticing an influx of interested shippers with oversized items

Typically, a breakbulk ship is equipped with high-capacity deck cranes and additional equipment necessary to load and unload these oversized or heavy goods. Additionally, high deck strength barges are sometimes used to facilitate loading this cargo by rolling it on and off the vessel.

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