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We offer multiple customs services such as duty representation, UK duty stamps and duty deferment. We even have our own separate site called GFS where you can find out much more detail on customs services. So head over to GFS to find out the specifics or see below and enquire with us today.

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Customs Clearance

We understand that our customers need people who can minimise the complications they face from Customs. While we cannot make the red tape go away, we can provide you with the expertise to make it simpler for you. In order to minimise delays and ensure the quickest possible customs clearance, Graysons Freight Service operate direct export and import processing via CHIEF (the UK’s Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight system) as well as to all major UK Ports and airports.

Our experienced staff are highly trained in all aspects of customs clearance including Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP) and the New Export System (NES). Graysons Freight Services have badges to facilitate customs clearance at all major UK shipping ports and all major airports.

Graysons Freight Services will only act as a Direct Representative when completing any documents either on behalf an importer, exporter, forwarder or transport company.

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ETSF (External Temporary Storage Facility)

Graysons Freight Services is an authorised ETSF operator  (previously known as ERTS.) This is an inland clearance area that has been approved by Border Force. Customs controlled goods can be transferred from the port of arrival to our temporary storage facility pending customs clearance to avoid unnecessary delays or quay rent charges.

In conjunction with our in-house Customs Clearance team, our import vehicles are fast-tracked through the UK ports directly to or from our ETSF (Customs Warehouse Facility) for unloading, where in house import customs clearance team will customs clear goods and arrange next day delivery via our own transport network.

Graysons Freight Services will only act as a Direct Representative when completing any documents, either on behalf an importer, exporter, forwarder or transport company.

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Duty Representation

In order for non-UK based company to store or trade-in Duty Suspended Beer & Spirits in a UK bonded warehouse, then under HMRC WOWGR regulations, the overseas company needs UK Duty Representative status with a UK WOWGR registered trader, as WOWGR licenses can only be given to UK companies.

Graysons Freight Services are able to act as a UK Duty Representative, subject to certain criteria being met.

UK Duty Rep status is not available to overseas companies who have principal officers who reside in the UK or have directorships of any UK-registered company.

To apply for a UK Duty Representative account please contact us.

UK Duty Stamps

UK Duty Stamps are required to be affixed to all bottles of spirits/wine with a strength of 30% alcohol by volume or more, with a capacity of 35cl or more, if removed into home use for sale within the UK.

UKDS affixed to the above specification of bottles of spirits/wine, must be removed/obliterated/destroyed before the goods an be exported to another EU member state or to a country outside of the EU.

Non compliance of UKDS regulations can result in large financial penalties and a criminal conviction.

Graysons Freight Services are approved by HMRC for the immediate removal of UKDS, and acquisition/affixing of freestanding stamps, we comply fully with recording keeping requirements.

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Duty Deferment

Duty Deferment Scheme is about how to defer paying HM Revenue & Customs charges due on:

Imports, or removal from a customs or an excise warehouse. By deferring, you delay payment until a later prescribed payment day. You can defer payment if you are: an importer, an owner of goods in a warehouse, or an agent (including warehouse keepers) who enters goods for importers or owners and are approved and hold a Deferment Approval Number (DAN) which identifies your duty deferment account.

The main benefits of duty deferment are:

  1. You delay paying the charges for an average of 30 days
  2. You do not have to pay immediately each time you want to clear your goods. By inserting your Deferment Approval Number (DAN) on import entry documentation you can settle a month’s charges with a single payment using the convenience of direct debit.
  3. HMRC can normally clear your goods more quickly because they do not have to handle payments for each transaction.

For more information regarding setting-up a duty deferment scheme contact Graysons Freight Services.

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