Providing a safe warehouse for imported and exported medical supplies

Importing and exporting medical supplies overseas requires specialised storage procedures to keep them safe and secure. Medical storage in a bonded warehouse is the best way to handle, store, track, pack and ship medical supplies safely and securely.

In addition, bonded warehouses allow you to pass the costs of imported medicine on to the customer at the point of sale rather than being hit with a large outlay at the moment of import. Here are some more reasons why you should consider a medical storage warehouse for your imported and exported products.

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Why choose a medical storage warehouse?

Any warehouse dealing with medical storage will have special requirements and licences that enable them to keep such products safe until moved. While there are warehouses that allow for the storage of healthcare products such as vitamins and supplements, these are often treated in the same way as cosmetics and so may not provide the same high quality standard. To ensure the warehouse you choose is suitable for storing medical products, check to see if is used and relied on by NHS trusts, healthcare providers and hospitals as well as being MHRA approved. They should also have the latest technology and software to facilitate easy tracking and delivery in order to make sure health services remain reliable while keeping operation costs down.

What to look for in a medical storage warehouse

  • Check that the storage facilities for medical products are clean and fully maintained to avoid contamination.
  • Since some medicines are expensive and much sought after they are likely to be the target of theft. As such, the facility needs to have an up to date and top notch security system in place.
  • To avoid any damage to the medical products the facility must be climate controlled at all times. Should power loss occur there needs to be a backup power supply to ensure all medicines are protected.
  • The warehouse should have some form of expiration date tracking on all medical goods. Some common forms of this tracking include First In First Out (FIFO) in which goods are sold in the order they were received, Last In First Out (LIFO) in which the most recently added goods are next to go out, and First Expired First Out (FEFO) in which the products most at risk of expiring first are prioritised for sale.
  • When processing medical items the storage facilities should have the capacity to offer bespoke packaging solutions where needed. These should include inconspicuous labelling to hide valuable goods from would be thieves, cold packs or insulation for temperature sensitive medicines, and special handling for the protection of sterile products.

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